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[Photos: Bald Eagles of the Mighty Mississippi] "E9 arrived with a voice and an appetite, peeping away for food," Southwest Florida Eagle Cam officials wrote on the organization's blog. However, the live stream will continue to follow E9's development.

You’ll hear about where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Though historically a peep show was a form of entertainment provided by wandering showmen, nowadays it more commonly refers to a presentation of a sex show or pornographic film which is viewed through a viewing slot.

also known as peep box or raree show ("rarity show") can be traced back to the early modern period (15th century in Europe, by Leon Battista Alberti) and are known in various cultures.

A type known as the perspective box is found in 17th-century Dutch Golden Age painting, where the emphasis was on creating an illusion of three dimensionality by manipulating the perspective of the view seen inside, usually the interior of a room.

A peep show could be a wooden box with a hole or several holes, containing a set of pictures which the show-man could set into a viewing position by pulling a corresponding string.


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