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The goal is to endow the Real Doll line of sex figurines with some basic animation, transforming them from immobile mannequins to full on androids that can follow commands and verbally respond to the user.

This advanced line of sex dolls will come equipped with animatronic heads, capable of blinking and opening their mouths suggestively.

There is a young, naive personality along with a Mature Martha that Mr Hines described as having a "matriarchal kind of caring". Aspiring partners can customise Roxxxy features, including race, hair colour and breast size. People ordering the robots online detail their tastes and interests much like online dating sites but here, the information is used to get the mechanical girlfriend in synch with her mate."She knows exactly what you like," Mr Hines said of Roxxxy, noting that Rocky will also come with personalities."If you like Porsches, she likes Porsches.

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From here we are likely to see innovations trickle in from universities and other sources of AI research to augment and expand his efforts.

Of greater certainty is that Mc Mullen’s mastery lies far more in crafting devilishly bewitching verisimilitudes than it does in artificial intelligence.

(Always check what each mod requires and what it conflicts with, this thread isn't for troubleshooting, that can be doen via a seperate thread.)(Always interesting and sometimes relevent;

Rarely updated, but usually the home of the Sexus mod.)Allows you to prostitute yourself at Gomorrah and the Atomic Wrangler if your character is female, and allows you to pimp Cass and Veronica out regardless of your character's gender.


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