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So, keep scrolling down to see the last 7 days of new additions to Amazon Prime Instant Video UK or go further back to see all the older additions over the years...Based on the events surrounding the Swissair disaster, "Blessed Stranger" is the powerful story of loss and survival on Nova Scotia's coast.Chronicling the profound impact of an international air disaster on a small, tight-knit fishing community, the film focuses on a crash survivor who meets with a local fisherman who assisted with the rescue mission.Certificate: A spin-off from the 1946 film "It's a Wonderful Life," this film follows the character of Clarence Odbody, a guardian angel who leaves heaven for Earth to save the life of another angel's suicidal wife.

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Mooseheart, a foster school in Illinois, has majority of attendees from this state.

Thanks to nuclear physics, mass spectrometers have been fine-tuned to separate a rare isotope from an abundant neighboring mass, and accelerator mass spectrometry was born.

A method has finally been developed to detect carbon 14 in a given sample and ignore the more abundant isotopes that swamp the carbon 14 signal.

The two move to the ranch left to them by Shane's grandfather, but Josh can't hold a job, and Shane is in the throes of adolsecent angst.

Here at Humble Bundle, though, you choose the price! All of the games in this bundle are available on Steam for Windows. Please check out the full system requirements here prior to purchasing. Choose where the money goes – between the developers, and, if you'd like, a charity of your choice via the Pay Pal Giving Fund.


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