Dating for people in norway

He says people rely on only looking at the image of the potential partner and the ’appearence’ is not good enough when searching for a partner.

If you do not use these types of services, you can discover things along the way, says he.If you've come as far as meeting up for a dinner, you're almost into a relationship:) There are exceptions, of course, and you may be asked out without being in a relationship but the tradition with dating is as good as non-existent.What you have instead, is meeting people at parties, maybe even colleagues, or in bars and pubs or clubs.Traditional "dates" are fairly rare in Norway, the "I'll pick you up at 7pm with flowers, and we'll go to the theatre and a restaurant" kind of deals.In contrast, it's common and normal for men and women to do stuff together in their free-time. It’s completely insane, says marketing director and founder of the app Justin Mateen to


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