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Hiking120 km of well-laid out and maintained hiking trails for recreational hikers as well as for experienced and physically fit hikers.

Take the Breitenberg Gondola up to the "nature's largest sun terrace".

This imager is capable of making measurements simultaneously in four wavelength ranges while being tunable within those ranges, and thus can be used to measure narrow contiguous bands in four spectral domains.

In this paper, we describe the design, concept of operation, and deployment of this instrument.

From the angular positions of the glory features observed on the upper cloud deck of Venus in three VMC channels (at 0.365, 0.513, and 0.965 µm), the dominating sizes of cloud particles and their refractive...

In Schwangau there are well-marked Nordic Walking routes, which range in level from easy - middle - difficult.

Bicycling A comprehensive network of paths in and around Schwangau offer many nice destinations for cyclists.

However, the time variation of atomic oxygen escaping Io's atmosphere is not well known. The photochemical model of Venus atmosphere at 47–112 km (Krasnopolsky 2012, Icarus 218, 230–246) is updated using the recent calculations of production and photolysis of the S2O2 isomers by Frandsen...

Orientale Basin is one of the youngest and best-preserved multi-ring impact basins in the Solar System.


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