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Or you notice that you don’t really want the best for that person.” Though everyone has cranky days, pay attention when those feelings come up repeatedly.

“When it’s a continual pattern that shows no signs of abating and has been going on for some time, it’s time to consider ending the friendship.” Don't become her punching bag Relationship expert Lauren Frances, author of , has a list of “toxic clues” to look out for in a friend.

She is a connector, organizer, facilitator, and informer.

I am grateful to you for all the gifts you share with us. Great format, great stack, great guest, total home run! I was working in my office and heard the entire show lot of material that I enjoy and am familiar with.

The truth is that sometimes friendships have to end.

“Drinking problems and refusal to get professional help but relying on you for her support falls into this category too.

Ill be lucky if I can hold on to you until January! Many of my friends have kids, AND my friend with a daughter (my god-daughter) had a TERRIBLE divorce. Being in, on and around radio since I was 15 years old, I REALLY appreciate good info and good flow. Hi Honey, Anytime you want me to do some on-the-show counseling, let me know.

I was interested and thats probably the best compliment I can give someones talk show. The emails and phone calls have not stopped since my interview. Your show has reached farther and faster than any TV or Radio Ive done so far, thank you!

Your show gave me great exposure for my upcoming book, and the added bonus of a Podomatic of my segment.

I love it that Im able to lay the link into my website so those visiting my website can click on the show and listen to the interview.


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    But in a recent interview with UPTOWN magazine, the veteran singer/actress provided a bit more insight into why she and Press never made it down the aisle. It was a really hard time and another phase of the sadness that was a cloud for a while." BRANDY OPENS UP ABOUT BATTLE WITH DEPRESSION: 'I CRIED OUT FOR HELP' In an interview last month with New, Norwood admitted that her depression took a toll on her body, which showed in her physical frame and in her eyes.

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    Ronson was the first rock act to sign with Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella Records, and she released four songs and wrote and recorded her first album, , under this label, though it was never officially released....