Dating mitchell 300 reels

The CAP-reel, already in existence for a number of years, made by Carpano & Pons, became part of the Mitchell family.It was known as the "Mitchell Cap", also called "Cap 54" which also represented the year Free-Trade status was granted in the US.Lon Carpano and Charles Pons, astonished as they were by the success of their first models, soon decided to design and to market a left-hand version of this reel; (approximately 1953).This was followed by a lot a larger reel developed for sea angling.I have taken pictures that I believe show that this reel (perhaps stored for many years) has signs of gentle use and that it is in very good condtition. By the way, I opened my reel to refresh the grease, and the internal workings were factory new in appearance.

I went to a place recently that I had an opportunity to sit about in the nude around a swimming pool and had a great conversation with another man.Things changed a lot in 1954 when the Hardy-patent for the full bail arm expired.The "Mitchell" and "Mitchell Salt Water" was fitted with a full bail and an optional manual pick up system.A carbon hybrid drag, machined aluminium spool and 10 bearings give this reel high-performance features so that every angler can fish like a pro.This new reel also features an open rotor, a front drag based on the very first model and a handle closely resembling the original.I'm sure you will appreciate the condition of this 52-year-old reel and will like to make it a part of your vintage reel collection.


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