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After this time, it will write to you asking if you want to keep the account open.

If you don't reply, the account will be treated as 'lost' although the money in it will remain yours.

This means that you won’t now be able to view your policy or update your details online.

We are working on a new online service and we will be in touch with more details about this when it’s ready.

However, the former is free, while the latter take a cut of anything between 25-40% from recovered funds.

Here you can check the names of those who passed away and left unclaimed assets going back to 1997.

As a result, all its members are closely linked, whether romantically, or by a shared schooling, or simply a deep bond of friendship.

At his trial in 1997, the court was told that no DNA evidence was available.

But privately funded DNA tests discovered that the victim’s clothes had been kept sealed and untested.

“People think that miscarriages of justice are rare and exceptional,” says Dr Michael Naughton, founder of the UK Innocence Project.

“But every single day, people are overturning convictions for criminal offences.


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