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No, he’s not rich, but he’s financially stable with a positive net worth and very little real debt. I’m sure that if he does, he’ll recognize himself and his situation. But will he take what I’ve written here in the spirit in which it was intended: as a wakeup call to ?

She created an account on Ok Cupid and set a challenge for herself: she would go on three dates. She actually did go on a date with a guy she met on Twitter through a mutual friend, and she met and bonded with one of her current friends through Words With Friends.Three chances to give it a shot before she made a judgement about whether or not she liked online dating. Rather than meeting good matches, she found herself with people she would never have decided to go out with if she had met them in person first, because they had nothing in common. Something about the context of online dating platforms just didn’t click with her.What’s more, the amount of inappropriate and sometimes downright degrading messages she would get from guys was enough to turn her off dating services. The context felt too much like you were selling yourself to strangers. She decided to adopt a “just say yes” attitude–now, when opportunities for exciting and unusual experiences arose in real life, she would throw herself in head-first, just so see what happens.But because she meets his emotional needs — constant agreeability, ego stroking, companionship, and sex — he’s become blind to what’s so obvious to the rest of us — including the friends who simply won’t speak up.What makes this all the more lamentable is that my friend, at age 56, is at a point in his life where he’s achieved an enviable amount of financial security.This is the kiss of death, and I have seen it happen all too often.


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