Updating a powerpoint slide

Try to be exact on the formatting of headers, columns, row heights, colors, etc.Once you have completed this step, highlight the area to be included in Powerpoint and Right-click – You can resize the embedded worksheet by grabbing the handles on the sides of the object (hold left mouse and drag).Sudeep wrote me, “I need some help to update a slide containing a map with certain districts.

The problem with copy and Paste Link is that you can’t make the data look very pretty.

With the presentation open on your computer, you can see who else is editing the presentation, who is editing a specific slide, and when updates from other authors are available on the server.

Other authors currently editing the slide All authors currently editing the presentation Changes from other authors available on the server When you save your changes to the server, any updates from other authors are automatically refreshed in the presentation in front of you.

Sudeep doesn’t want to create an entire table of data.

Instead, he wants individual text boxes that appear on the map. Here’s an example of what such a slide might look like.


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