Updating fedora 3

directly, without the DNF system upgrade plugin, is not explicitly tested by Fedora QA and issues with it are not considered blockers for a release, but in practice it works for many users.To learn more, refer to Upgrading Fedora using dnf.

It may take some time after release for all systems to be able to see an upgrade available. You can continue working until you reach a stopping point, and the download is complete.

Akubra is not backwards-compatible with the datastream and object storage from previous releases, so when upgrading ensure you use the same low-level storage implementation as your existing installation.

Your existing install.properties file will specify as either legacy-fs or akubra, the same option should be used for your new installation.

One popular tool available in Fedora for this purpose is deja-dup.

To upgrade your system, use the This command will begin downloading all of the upgrades for your machine locally to prepare for the upgrade.


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