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The United States participated in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Team USA's medal haul, which included nine gold, marked the first time since the 1932 Lake Placid Games that the U. Demong, Spillane, Todd Lodwick and Brett Camerota also won silver in the team event. team had a historic Winter Games, winning an unprecedented 37 medals. Medal winning performances by Julia Mancuso and Andrew Weibrecht contributed to the team's success. Bill Demong won gold in the individual large hill/10 km, and Johnny Spillane won silver in both the individual normal hill/10 km and the individual large hill/10 km. All teams will be officially named in the fall of 2017. Freeskiing reflect team nominations for the 2017-18.

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Brogden won the session at USASA Nationals last March as part of SASS Global Travel’s on-site sweepstakes.

Thirty-six boarders advanced 16 to the final round.

In the first round of the final, Switzerland’s [Gian Simmen] took the lead over Canada’s [Brett Carpentier].

Save the date and take advantage of some amazing USASA member discounts on Copper lodging, Hertz rental cars, Southwest Airlines, and Summit Express shuttles. Fifty-seven snowboard athletes and forty-seven freeskiing athletes will drop into the 2018 U. We’re so proud of all of our recipients and are wonderful examples of USASA athletes who personify the codes of excellence, respect and fun. The scholarship committee awarded these to us based on what they read in our applications.

One hundred and four USASA members qualified for the 2018 Toyota U. Receiving the Chuck Allen Scholarship provides us feedback that our hard work in school, our positive attitudes, our efforts to be kind to others and our goal to become even better freestyle skiers is noticed and appreciated by others.


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