White supremist dating

Cantwell, 36, has received backlash after his appearance in VICE Media’s documentary on the Charlottesville protest.He’s also been banned from Facebook and other tech platforms.Over the last seven months, the president has both proposed and implemented numerous policies that surround hurricane preparedness, readiness, and response.Here are some of them: Congress is already struggling to pay for natural disaster recovery, and experts say disasters could become even more costly in the future. Government Accountability Office, the independent agency that advises Congress, ranks climate change as one of the greatest financial risks facing the federal government.” With this information in mind, it’s clear that Trump has so far failed his policy test.He skyrocketed to infamy in recent days after his appearance in a viral video produced by VICE News on the “Unite the Right” rally that took place in Charlottesville.Cantwell was seen throughout the video ranting and raving with other marchers and spewing racist and violent rhetoric in interviews with VICE reporter Elle Reeve, and showing off his arsenal of high-powered firearms.

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Now, in an interview with the Financial Times, Cohn has gone public with his disappointments, but given a laughably self-serving justification for his decision to stay on at the White House.

"We were alerted that white supremacist Chris Cantwell was on Ok Cupid.

Within 10 minutes we banned him for life," the site tweeted.

Today, in an act that didn’t feel at all like posturing for attention as a number of other tech companies and websites condemn Nazis, dating site Ok Cupid banned alt-right organizer and white supremacist Chris Cantwell. He also described his reasons for wanting an “ethno-state”; said that “blacks are killing each other in staggering numbers from coast to coast”; and characterized Ivanka Trump’s marriage to Jared Kushner — she converted to Judaism for him — as Trump “giving his daughter to a Jew.” Cantwell didn’t just pop up out of nowhere on Saturday.

He’s been spewing racist, bigoted vitriol for years — “I’m not even a Hitlerite but I’m like ok, let’s fucking gas the kikes and have a race war” — which means, ostensibly, that for at least part, if not all of that time, he was also dating on Ok Cupid.


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