Word vba screen updating

I want the macro to automatically paste the screenshot then re-size it to fit to a height of 5.9 inches and a width of 10 inches. The current macro that I'm using works perfectly as long as the screenshot isn't to tall (in height) but i want it to adjust to the nearest width (10) or height (5.9) which ever one comes first. Call Import Word Table Else ' Is a Mac and will test if running Excel 2011 or higher. Version) "Windows" Then ''' If OS is Mac it comes here 'Call Select_File_Or_Files_Mac 'Else ''''' If OS is PC it comes here '''' 'Call Import Word Table 'End If 'End Sub Sub Import Word Table() Dim wd Doc As Object Dim wd File Name As Variant Dim Table No As Integer 'table number in Word Dim word Row As Long 'row index in Word Dim word Col As Integer 'column index in Word Dim Excel Row As Long 'row index in Excel Dim Excel Col As Integer 'column index in Excel Dim Col To Start As Integer wd File Name = Application. Path On Error Resume Next My Path = Mac Script("return (path to documents folder) as String") 'Or use My Path = "Macintosh HD: Users: Ron: Desktop: Test Folder:" ' In the following statement, change true to false in the line "multiple ' selections allowed true" if you do not want to be able to select more ' than one file. Text) On Error Go To 0 Next Excel Row Next word Col End With Next Table No End If End With Set wd Doc = Nothing End Sub Sub Select_File_Or_Files_Mac() '''''' Code for Mac Dim My Path As String Dim My Script As String Dim My Files As String Dim My Split As Variant Dim N As Long Dim Fname As String Dim mybook As Workbook '''''''''''''' Variables from PC code ''''' Application. Enable Events = False Dim s Dim i As Long Dim Myrow As Long Dim Clrow As Long Dim c As Variant Dim Mcat As String '' Main Catagory Dim Scat As String '' Sub Catagory Dim Ncat As String Dim Rws As Worksheet Dim Cvsws As Worksheet Dim Pwb As Workbook Dim Cvwb As Workbook '''''''''''''''''''' Dim ww As String ww = This Workbook.

Relative Horizontal Position = wd Relative Horizontal Position Page .Screen Updating = False Set obj Doc = Active Document obj Doc.Save str Button Value = Msg Box("Do you want to update all fields in this document before closing?A representative list is shown below: I've been a mouse man for a very long time. Primarily I use the mouse because, if for no other reason, I can't remember the keyboard shortcuts for all the various Word commands! I have some codes that is working fine on Windows OS, but someone wants to run it on MAC OS but it didn't run. Count With .tables(Table No) 'copy cell contents from Word table cells to Excel cells If Table No 1 Then Col To Start = 2 End If For word Col = Col To Start To . Count Excel Col = Excel Col 1 For Excel Row = 1 To . Fname = Right(My Split(N), Len(My Split(N)) - In Str Rev(My Split(N), Application.


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