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But he comes up with the idea to get his roommate’s night-vision camera after the locker room proves too dark to film, plays Emily off in front of his friends and abandons her at the fair. Teen Hitler is an asshole too, but at least the movie doesn’t make him out to be a hero. Lucas never made it to the skeet party because his car breaks down, but as Emily points out later, he only foiled by the shoddy workplace practices of Kia employees. To make a long story short (too late), Emily gets a copy of the movie.

The orgy, well, gangbang since they only recruited one girl, is made and burned to a DVR, and Teen Hitler hands the disk off to a younger bro IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE STUDENT BODY. Angry at Lucas and sick of the way sex is used as social capital at the school (do we ever see sex used as social capital?

A Uniqlo store announcement can be heard clearly in the background welcoming customers and identifying the store's location.

The footage was posted to Chinese social media site Weibo on Tuesday night and accrued millions of views before being removed from the site.

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The magnetic watch fails to protect him from the wrath of Mr.

The players will wear their jerseys for identification purposes, but faces and numbers will be blurred out, which sort of ruins the entire “legendary” angle, but no reason to insist on logic now.

In the meantime (deep sigh), Lucas and Emily have bonded over a class project and he takes her on a date to a fair.

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